What Is Spiritual Transformation?

What Is Spiritual Transformation?

What Is Spiritual Transformation? – Sadguru Kedarji
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What is Spiritual Transformation?

With great respect and love, I welcome you again with all my heart.

Often here, we are asked, “What is spiritual transformation?” In order to understand the answer to that question, we have to first begin with the question “What is spirituality?” because there are a good number of myths and a multitude of notions about what spirituality is. And we have often heard people say, “Spirituality is whatever you want it to be.”

Is Spirituality Whatever You Want It To Be?

Really? Is the field of medicine whatever you want it to be? Can you just run out and decide that medicine is going to be whatever you want it to be and begin to practice medicine? Or is it true that you have to study under specialists for many, many years, first to understand what medicine is, and then to be able to practice it.

Is the field of athletics – is that whatever you want it to be? Is that really true, or is it true that in order to become a really great athlete, you have to mentor under someone who has become a great athlete and who can teach you and lead you in the experience of what that is, and give you the methods for becoming a really great athlete?

The Phenomenon On Which Spiritual Transformation Is Based

I can go on and on with examples. It’s the same with spirituality. Spirituality is not whatever you want it to be. Spirituality is actually based on a science and a phenomenon that, very often, we take for granted. That phenomenon is that we live on a rock that hangs in a void of space with nothing material with which to hold it there, spinning on an axis, in an orbit around a fireball.

This phenomenon occurs in a very orderly fashion – so orderly, that we can pin 24 hours in a day on one rotation of the earth on its axis, back and forth; we can pin 365 days in a year on one rotation of the earth around the sun; we can make very accurate predictions based on the waxing and the waning of the moon. And with respect to these facts, no president, no nation, no standing army, no sovereign wealth trust, no drug cartel, nothing and no one can alter, direct, manipulate, or change the fact that we live on this rock, that hangs in a void of space with nothing material with which to hold it there, spinning on an axis, in an orbit around a fireball.

From this phenomenon that has been going on for longer than anyone knows, from this phenomenon, we have to infer – absolutely – that there is a Higher Power here. Seasons come and go absolutely on schedule; all beings in human form have the very same form. Who decided that men would have genitalia, that females would have larger breasts, that the human form would have two eyes instead of three, that we have two ears, two arms, two hands, two feet? I think you get my point. Some Power or some Being made this decision.

The Law of Spirituality

Who decided that ants would all look the same, that frogs in general have the same form, that dogs would have the same form, that cats would have the same form? So, there is a Higher Power here, there is a Sacred Law here.

A very great being, Mahatma Gandhiji, has said, “Wherever there is law, there is a law giver.” So, we have to infer that there is a Cosmic Being connected to a Highest Power – a power that I refer to as the energy substratum of everything, that is the cause and the effect of this phenomenon I just described.

I share this with you first, because the answer to “What is spirituality?” lays in our examination of this phenomenon and coming to the realization that there is a Sacred Law here that governs our entire existence and that governs the existence of everything and everyone else on the planet. To understand and answer the question “What is spirituality?” we have to first embrace this fact and then to begin to examine this cosmic existence that is phantasmagorical in nature, and that clearly has a Ruler.

Questions To Ask

Who or what is that Ruler? This raises some questions. The questions are part of an approach known as Self-inquiry. These are questions that I asked myself many years ago that set me on a path of seeking that ended my seeking. Questions like: Who am I? Why am I here? Why was I born? Is this all there is: eating, drinking, sleeping, going to work, going home – is that all there is to life? Who brought – or what brought – this entire place into existence?

So, this is where we all must start in answering, “What is spirituality?” Because the answer to that question, “What is spirituality?” is the direct experience of this energy substratum of everything, this Highest Power, this Cosmic Being that rules here, that gives us this Sacred Law, embodied in this phenomenon that I’ve just described. Spirituality is the journey to fully understand and experience this phenomenon, all the way down to the energetic substratum of our very forms.

Methods to Understand Spirituality

Who or what dwells in this body? Once we begin to embrace that answer to spirituality, only then can we understand that, in order to know and experience spiritual transformation, we have to have methods that take us beyond intellectual understanding; methods that take us beyond the mind and beyond the senses to be able to understand how we can imbibe this energy substratum of everything; how we can know the Cosmic Being or Power that has brought this existence into being; and how we can align ourselves with it. Only that would be spiritual transformation.

Here, we have methods for beginning to have that direct experience because, in order for spiritual transformation to be truly transforming, we have to have a direct experience of this Highest Power. We have to begin to become established in a state of inner peace, in the experience of indescribable joy, being able to wake up and carry on our entire day in a state of indescribable joy. We have to understand from direct experience what it is to live in such a state of Grace, and how we can harness what I refer to as The Spiritual Power – In order to exist in a state of joy, in a state of peace, in the experience of knowing our true Nature that clearly is connected to this incredible, phantasmagorical phenomenon that I started this presentation by describing.

4 Pillars of Total Well-Being

Here, we have methods for simply targeting the restless mind so that you can improve your mental state, so that you can attain the direct and ongoing experience of emotional resilience so that you can begin to experience all of the foundational principles and methods for attaining a state of heightened well-being that includes vibrant health.

Each of these, which I refer to as 4 Pillars of Total Well-Being, embody the journey to spiritual transformation because we need power to do anything that we do. We need power to begin to invoke any form of transformation. We need power to become established in transformation as a direct experience. And then, what’s the point of having glimpses? We need power to be able to turn glimpses into a state of permanent spiritual transformation.

This is what our approach is all about. We have time-honored, proved methods for accomplishing this that are taught here. Many people can attest to the fact that these have brought them from a state of perhaps having just merely a glimpse once in a while, to existing in a state of permanent spiritual transformation, and what is even beyond that.

Permanent Spiritual Transformation

Spiritual transformation is the journey to the experience of our True Nature; the journey to the experience of being able to harness this energy substratum of everything that exists inside our own being and everywhere; the journey to understand everything about this phantasmagorical existence that we find ourselves in; the answer to those questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Why was I born? Is this finite, daily mundane existence all there is, or is there something greater? Is it possible to live in a state of Grace by way of experience? Can I experience what true happiness is? Can I sustain a state of happiness and joy regardless of circumstances?

The answer to these questions is Yes! The methods that deliver you to the direct experience that answers these questions is that journey to permanent spiritual transformation.

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So, again, with great respect and love, I welcome you with all my heart.



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