Is Immunity Different Than Inoculation?

First in a series of planned articles on Immunity and your body’s Immune System.


Is Immunity Different Than Inoculation?

By Kedarji

We are fearlessly and wonderfully made by our Creator. Too often, we are told that, to be healthy and well, we need to embrace inoculation (being vaccinated) and pharmaceutical biologics. In fact, these should always be a last resort, not a first go to.

What is Inoculation?

Inoculation is a set of methods intended to artificially induce immunity against various infectious diseases. With inoculation, a synthesized antigenic substance is introduced into the body. There a many risks to such a procedure. Know these first. Most of those products are immuno-suppressive and have a long diagnostic horizon.

What is Immunity?

Immunity is actually based on the healthy function of your body’s innate and adaptive immune systems. An optimally functioning immune system will address and protect your body from any contagion, either wild or man-made.

Steps to Take to Strengthen Your Immune System

  1. Meditate regularly to eliminate fear. Fear is the underlying cause of stress. Stress is a gateway disease that degrades the immune system.
  2. Eat whole, organic foods that are Non-GMO and free from chemical food additives, as these degrade immune system function. Eliminate processed sugar. Reduce fat, salt and oil in your meal plans.
  3. Protect yourself against environmental toxins.
  4. Water is a nutrient. Drink pure water. Also, intermittent water fasting is the greatest metabolic reboot on the planet and will strengthen your immune system.
  5. Exercise regularly.
  6. Eat nutrient-dense, low calorie-dense foods, high in anti-oxidants.
  7. Get restful sleep.

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