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Yoga, Meditation, WellBeing In Ohio. Spiritual transformation, well-being and vibrant health can be attained through inner peace and wellbeing. SUBSCRIBE.

Vibrant, Joyful, Transforming!

Bhakta – It means one who is devoted, with great longing.

Combining the Best of Spirituality With the Science of Well-Being and Vibrant Health, and the practical leadership of Kedarji and His 4 Pillars of Total Well-Being. We Are An All-Volunteer Organization Run By Students Whose Lives Have Been Transformed By Our Offering. We are devoted to helping you attain lasting inner peace and well-being.

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To get the most out of our offering, while supporting our work, please consider joining our online well-being community. When you join, you get access to incredibly useful benefits, as part of a monthly subscription that amounts to about 66 cents per day!


Inner Peace, Wellbeing In Ohio

The Bhakta School of Transformation Is A Not-For-Profit Public Charity Devoted To Lasting Inner Peace and Well-Being. We offer a number of programs that focus on Meditation, Wellbeing In Ohio, including holistic approaches to health.

More and more people are looking for ways to be happier, healthier and wise. And the interest in attaining these by holistic means that includes spirituality and Yoga Science has increased rapidly in the last decade. We live in times where the lifestyle of most is increasingly one of stress, anxiety, worry and declining well-being.

Live Strong and Be Happy. Learn The Daily Rituals of The Most Spiritually-Powerful, Happiest and Healthiest People On The Planet. Kedarji’s new book of the same name is out in paperback and eBook PDF format now and and you can download a free eBook excerpt and purchase here.

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We are a Yoga school teaching the science of Inner peace, Wellbeing in Ohio. Our programs integrate:

  • The Spiritual Power
  • Improved Mental State
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Vibrant Health

Holistic Well-Being Webinars & Replays


80 free programs per year – additional courses, webinars and retreats offered each month – all-volunteer organization – transforming communities one neighborhood at a time. A not-for-profit, public charity.

Yoga, Meditation, WellBeing In Ohio

The best way to understand the impact of our approach and programs is to hear from participants themselves. View results of our Total Well-Being Challenge.

We offer a curriculum of programs that is time-honored in delivering people to a state of inner peace, lasting joy free of stress and anxiety, and total well-being that includes vibrant health. The primary benefit of our offering is that people attain a lasting state of inner peace, the inner strength necessary to take on life’s challenges with a smile on one’s face, and vibrant health.

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Some research studies and recommended reading.

Free and Delicious Recipes

Purchase The Entire Recipe Cookbook Say Grace! Vegan & Vegetarian recipes. Low calorie density, nutrient dense meals!

Discounted Lab Work – Lab Direct Testing! **Through our association with a national lab testing network, your school certified Health & Well-Being Practitioner can now provide you with access to discounts on most lab work that you may need, including important advanced diagnostic testing, based on discussion of your testing needs in session.

Inner Peace, Wellbeing In Ohio

If you represent an organization or institution wanting programs taught in-house, click here for more information about those programs.


What Is Total Well-Being?

Total Well-Being is the means for bringing into perfect alignment all the subtle energies of your being, by mastering all the energies of your life in the four, fundamental areas that we call the 4 pillars of Total Well-Being. LEARN MORE.



In blind surveys and case studies conducted over the last 5 years in Northwest PA and Ohio, our program offering has been proved to deliver results beyond the expectations of our students.



“That was very useful. With four kids and a busy work schedule, I barely find any time…..”
~ Eric A. A student in Pittsburgh, PA


For Organizations and Institutions Serving Youth, Seniors and Veterans

We offer our entire Total Well-Being curriculum to organizations in the region that serve the youth population, seniors and veterans. Our commitment is to collaborate with such organizations to bring Total Well-Being into our community, to increase its impact on a healthy, vibrant lifestyle where everyone can live their best life now! Any of our programs offered to the public can also be tailored to your organization’s environment for clients and staff.

These programs are offered by proposal, after meetings with your staff for us to understand your needs.


Inner Peace Wellbeing In Ohio

Meditation Wellbeing In Ohio