Our Wholistic Well Being Offering

What Is Total Well-Being?

Wholistic Well-Being is the means for bringing into perfect alignment all the subtle energies of your being, by mastering all the energies of your life in the four, fundamental areas described below.

The Spiritual Power

What Would You Give For Inner Peace and Unwavering Inner Strength?

And what if the understandings you embrace to navigate through your life were based on your direct experience of inner peace, that sacred space beyond your mind, beyond your senses that embodies Happiness, Joy and the Inner Strength necessary to take on life’s challenges?

Total Well-Being.

Our programs offer the following benefits:

  • Peace of Mind
  • Fearlessness
  • The inner strength necessary to take on life’s challenges
  • Relief from chronic health conditions
  • Happiness
  • Reduced stress
  • Sharper mental capacity
  • Clearer decision-making
  • A Map for vibrant health, healthy living and well-being

In addition to experiencing these benefits, you will learn:

  • Life-changing skills.
  • Steps to transforming your thinking and behavior to live your best life now.
  • Practical wisdom and experience for taking on life’s challenges.

Improved Mental State

“A restless mind breeds fear, anxiety, worry, doubt, frustration, cynicism and loathing. Therefore, a restless mind can never be a source of strength and happiness.”
~ Kedarji, Founder of The Bhakta School

The Mind Is Not The Brain

It is only possible to know what the mind is by going to that place, beyond the mind and beyond the senses, to experience the witness to your mind. Otherwise you will remain confused about what the mind really is. Quantum Physicists and Cellular Biologists are now proving what Sages of steady wisdom have known for centuries – that the brain is just a switching station for signals sent to it from elsewhere, a lump of flesh that simply processes energy and ‘data.’

The mind is an aspect of a higher power, a Supreme Intelligence that we refer to as the energy substratum. It is a contracted form of that same energy of Divine Consciousness that is responsible for sending the signals that the brain processes to operate the organs and limbs of the body. Quantum and bio physicists are now referring to this energy as the energy field or the quantum field, a morphic resonance (of which the mind is a part) that is embodied in a highest power.

Here we refer to that same energy as the Witness to your mind. Our proprietary Witness Consciousness Centering methods give the direct experience of this fact.

Emotional Resilience

“The power of specific, live Mantras, combined with the joy of song and the freedom of movement is a perfect formula for steadying the emotions in the content and freedom of Inner Peace. This leads to an Inner Strength that is unconquerable.”
~ Kedarji, The Founder of The Bhakta School


Methods for using live Mantras in combination with Kirtan and Pranayam (specific breathing patterns) are taught to immediately stabilize the emotions in the experience of peace and content. Kirtan is a form of group chanting, backed by a music ensemble, that is known to quiet the restless mind and give the experience of inner Peace and true Happiness.

Methods for increasing emotional resilience, including the practice of The Arc, the examination of how the understandings we reach for and embrace dictate how we feel, are also taught in most of our programs.

Vibrant Health

Your body is like a biological spacesuit that you are in, like a temple in which you reside. Total Well-Being includes dedication to vibrant health, by way of taking full responsibility for your health. Here, we help you accomplish this by educating you in how to get to the root cause of any chronic health condition and disease, and changes you need to make in your lifestyle to support holistic health and well-being by reversing dis-ease.

All of our educational and coaching programs in vibrant health are offered in collaboration with highly credentialed doctors, holistic health and well-being practitioners and natural health/healing scientists.

We are committed to leading you to take charge of your Wholistic Well-being in this way, so that you can stay well by adopting a holistic lifestyle that embodies peace, joy and vibrant health!

DISCLAIMER: Our proprietary approach to yoga and holistic well-being is a safe and effective technique for most people. Though our approach is highly effective in promoting maximum well-being, any information contained in this web site or offered in our programs is given for coaching purposes only and is not given or intended to be a substitute or replacement for qualified medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.