For Youth, Seniors and Veterans.

For Organizations and Institutions Serving Youth, Seniors and Veterans

We offer our entire Total Well-Being curriculum to organizations in the region that serve the youth population, seniors and veterans. Our commitment is to collaborate with such organizations to bring Total Well-Bing into our community, to increase its impact on a healthy, vibrant lifestyle where everyone can live their best life now! Any of our programs offered to the public can also be tailored to your organization’s environment for clients and staff.

These programs are offered by proposal, after meetings with your staff for us to understand your needs.

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What Is Total Well-Being?

Total Well-Being is the means for bringing into perfect alignment all the subtle energies of your being, by mastering all the energies of your life in four, fundamental areas.


The Spiritual Power

What Would You Give For Inner Peace and Unwavering Inner Strength?

And what if the understandings you embrace to navigate through your life were based on your direct experience of inner peace, that sacred space beyond your mind, beyond your senses that embodies Happiness, Joy and the Inner Strength necessary to take on life’s challenges?

We also teach the powerful method of The Arc, a set of life-changing skills for accessing creativity, spontaneity, inspiration and true happiness.

The Arc. Happiness is a quiet mind. From a state of calm and content you can quickly become the master architect of your life – with the right tools and practice.

A restless mind only breeds confusion, anxiety, doubt, worry and fear. Nothing useful or productive has ever come from these. Therefore, a restless, agitated mind cannot be a source of inspiration, clarity, clear-thinking, good decision-making or well-being.

Improved Mental State

“A restless mind breeds fear, anxiety, worry, doubt, frustration, cynicism and loathing. Therefore, a restless mind can never be a source of strength and happiness.”
~ Kedarji, Founder of The Bhakta School


It is only possible to know what the mind is by going to that place, beyond the mind and beyond the senses, to experience the witness to your mind. Otherwise you will remain confused about what the mind really is. Quantum Physicists and Cell Biologists are now proving what Sages of steady wisdom have known for centuries – that the brain is just a switching station for signals sent to it from elsewhere, a lump of flesh that simply processes energy and ‘data.’

The mind is an aspect of a higher power, Supreme Intelligence or the Self. It is a contracted form of that same energy of Divine Consciousness that is responsible for sending the signals that the brain processes to operate the organs and limbs of the body. Quantum and bio physicists are now referring to this energy as the energy field or a morphic resonance (of which the mind is a part) that is embodied in a Higher Consciousness.

Here we refer to that same energy as the Witness to your mind. Our proprietary Witness Consciousness Centering methods are taught in every program. Witness Consciousness Centering. In blind surveys and case studies conducted over the last 3.5 years in Northwest PA, our program offering has been proved to deliver results beyond the expectations of our students. These studies include the powerful impact of our proprietary approach, wcc-_mark-small that makes the mind quiet in under 3 minutes. These methods are taught in this online course.

Emotional Resilience

“The power of specific, live Mantras, combined with the joy of song is a perfect formula for steadying the emotions in content and the freedom of Inner Peace. This leads to an Inner Strength that is unconquerable.”
~ Kedarji, The Founder of The Bhakta School


Methods for using live Mantras in combination with Kirtan and Pranayam (specific breathing patterns) are taught to immediately stabilize the emotions in the experience of peace and content. Kirtan is a form of group chanting, backed by a music ensemble, that is known to quiet the restless mind and give the experience of inner Peace and true Happiness.

Vibrant Health

Total Well-Being includes dedication to vibrant health through peace of mind and healthy living. Here, our experience tells us that vibrant health and begins within. Vibrant health is a reflection of your inner state and your commitment to take charge of your well-being, with you at the center of responsibility for staying well. Attaining vibrant health is also a matter of what you put into your mouth and how/when you exercise. Working with certified and licensed professionals, we have combined proved methods in this area for securing vibrant health.

We are committed to leading you to take charge of your Total Well-being in this way, so that you can stay well by adopting a holistic lifestyle that embodies peace, joy and vibrant health!