A Sampling of Testimonials

“I have only practiced a guided meditation, but it was nothing like this. I could not get into that. The person just kept talking and I was like, “How am I supposed to meditate while you’re talking?” The Witness Consciousness Centering is different and very beneficial. I disappeared inside and it was so peaceful and quiet. This was just great. My mind was actually quiet and I am calm.”
~ Linda M. A student in New Milford, CT

“That was very relaxing. With four kids and a busy work schedule, I barely find any time for silence. The second Witness Consciousness Centering was different from the first. My breathing was easier. There were points that I still thought about my breath, but then times when I was not thinking about anything. That was great! Learning The Arc has changed the way I lead my life.”
~ Eric A. A student in Pittsburgh, PA

“The Bhakta school programs are helping me to overcome my fears about taking full responsibility for my life. As a result, I am able to face life’s challenges, in work and all the other areas of my life, with great peace and joy.”
~ Amanda H. A student in Erie, PA

“I experienced The Maharudra Awakeining process and my sciatica pain disappeared.”
~ Gwen K. Erie, PA

“I came in with my mind very busy and feeling very agitated and it’s all gone now due to The Maharudra Awakening. I feel light and it calmed my emotions – really freeing.”
~ Kathy T. Boardman, OH

“I was shown how to do The Maharudra Awakening and I feel great, completely rejuvenated! My fibromyalgia pain is completely gone. I feel light and really Blissful.”
~ James R. Erie, PA

“My entire body feels refreshed and invigorated as I practice The Arc and The Maharudra Awakening. My mind is so calm and I feel great.”
~ Hope C. NY, NY

“I never meditated before but I think I just did it. The Witness Consciousness Centering caused me to have an experience of no thoughts. Even though it was my first time, I just did what the teacher said and the thoughts just went away. I thought that when meditation came I might be thinking about my day but I didn’t think. It was great! It went by fast.”
~ Susan B. A student in Pittsburgh, PA

“I found it definitely easier to meditate. I really enjoyed the experience of chanting also. The experience of The Arc was incredible!”
~ Jackie S. A student in Pittsburgh, PA

“There was a point when I forgot where I was for a while. I had no idea where I was. These Witness Consciousness Centering techniques are like sitting in the middle of nothing. Silence. Very cool. Being taught The Arc opened me up to a whole new vision for my life!”
~ Albert B. A student in NY, NY

“I really got into the Om. I had some thoughts during the meditation, but then I did what was instructed for Witness Consciousness and put my mind back onto the Om, and it worked. I did an Om on the in-breath, and another Om on the out-breath, and just continued that way and sailed off into a state of joy.”
~ John M. A student in Erie, PA

“My mind was quiet. Yea! It was very peaceful. I didn’t see anything but I felt peaceful. My mind was not bothering me or thinking. It was happy to just be peaceful.”
~ Sharon M. A student in Erie, PA

“The Arc was an eye-opener! The chanting was very soothing and relaxing. I thought it was easier this time to meditate with the chanting because I was more relaxed. The Om was amazing. I don’t know if it is something about the vibration of it, but it really just put me at ease.”
~ Deana T. A student in Youngstown, OH

“The chanting made my silencing my mind a lot easier. It helped me to focus on something else instead of focusing on all the thoughts that are usually swirling all around my mind. I found it much easier.”
~ Pam O. A student in Youngstown, OH

“I LOVED IT! I didn’t want the chanting to stop; I feel like I could go on and on and on forever. It felt very spiritual. I REALLY loved it.”
~ Debra P. A student in Erie, PA



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