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“We live on a rock that hangs in a void of space, spinning on an axis in an orbit around a fireball! And there is an order to it all that no nation, no standing army, no President, no dictator and no sovereign wealth trust can influence or change. It is a higher order, a greater law. Wherever there is law, there is a lawgiver. Now, let that fact sink in for a moment.

As human beings, as spiritual entities, and as a species we are evolving in every way. We are evolving back into That Supreme Being that is embodied in the energy substratum of everything and everyone.

It is a fact that, in any evolutionary process, only the species that adapts will survive. Therefore, the key to our survival, growth and freedom is in our ability to adapt.

We cannot move toward the fulfillment of any potentiality that is not already inherent in our existence, no more than a caterpillar can decide to, one day, become a frog rather than a butterfly.

So, our ability to adapt must be based on this inherent potentiality. The Ecology of Wellness I express here, along with the 4 pillars of Total Well-Being that are the essential nature of that ecology of wellness, is founded on the journey to wellness that naturally evolves to the realization of its fullest potential, by way of this inherent potentiality.

The ancient wisdom of many Sages of Yoga Science has already proved this. Modern science is now beginning to make this same proof also.”