Don’t Make Yourself Sick Over Coronavirus News!

5 comments on “Don’t Make Yourself Sick Over Coronavirus News!”

  1. Anthony Morabito

    Thank you for sharing. So much great information. Is there a way to share this video so more people can see it? Anywhere else this video is posted?

  2. Shanti

    Thank you for demonstrating how to properly remove gloves! I also never would have thought about spraying my shoes with disinfectant after coming in from being outside, but it definitely makes sense that they could carry the virus inside with me. Thank you for all of these important points to help keep me safe!

  3. Kambra McConnel

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this clear, thorough, timely and useful information!! What Grace to have such a wonderful resource and support!

  4. Ben

    “Most people know more about their cars and how their cars function than they do their own bodies.”

    That puts things in perspective for me…

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