For Colleges and Universities

College/University Is Not A Cake Walk
Kedarji – Bhakta School Founder

For Colleges and Universities

Bhakta School Founder, Kedarji, is available to speak to students and staff at your college/university. General assembly lectures, smaller group presentations and in-class presentations are offered.

A variety of topics can be covered, including:

  • How students and staff can benefit from Kedarji’s unique approach to Yoga Science (not to be confused with Hatha Yoga stretches).
  • The practical application of Kedarji’s Ecology of Wellness.
  • The practical application of his 4 Pillars of Total Well-Being, anchored in Spiritual Power.

We will be happy to submit a proposal. Please complete the form below. Someone from our staff will contact you with any necessary questions, before submitting our proposal.