About Meditation

What Kind of Meditation Do We Teach?

Our approach to meditation is known as Witness Consciousness Centering, a specific form of Meditation proved to quiet the restless mind in under 3 minutes! Although it may appear that there are many approaches to meditation, true meditation has only one purpose; to make the restless mind silent so that the inner Peace and Joy that is natural to your being can be easily experienced. We have a number of time-honored, simple and proved effective techniques that we teach in our approach.

In turn, once this experience of inner Peace and Joy begins to grow, there are a host of wonderful ‘side effects,’ including health benefits and the reduction of stress, that come quite naturally and spontaneously with making the mind quiet on a regular basis.

Below, you will find some helpful points to understanding how we approach teaching meditation.

We have found that there are some notions and opinions about Meditation that are not accurate, based on the fact that meditation is an inner experience of peace. So, it will be helpful to share some common misconceptions with you.

Meditation is not the experience of what happens when you get good at guided imagery. Meditation is not what you experience when you are able to visualize beautiful scenery. You may find visualizations soothing, and they have their place, but these are not meditation.

Meditation is not the experience of recalling memories from your past. You may find this therapeutic but it is not meditation.

Meditation is not the experience you have when you down a stiff drink or engage in sex. You may be interested in these but they are not meditation.

Meditation is not a positive emotional state or favorable bodily condition. These experiences are healthy and are often a ‘by product’ of meditation, but are not Meditation itself.

WHAT IS MEDITATION? Meditation is the act of turning the mind within in order to experience the inner Self. There is a place in your Consciousness where peace and an indescribable joy that we call Bliss abides. This is a place of complete stillness, utter peace and it is accessed spontaneously, when the mind becomes silent. So, meditation is also the way in which we make our restless minds quiet, in order to experience this place of sweetness and stillness by going beyond the mind and beyond the senses.

So, the purpose of Meditation is to calm your restless mind, to make it quiet by getting the mind to turn within. As the mind becomes more and more quiet, your Natural, Free State of Being, this experience of Peace, shines forth unimpeded. 

Learn To Meditate Like You’ve Been Doing It For Years!