Witness Consciousness


Begin practicing our proprietary approach to making your restless mind quiet now! Download an MP3 file as our gift to you. This file is a demonstration of a meditation practice for stilling the mind. Adjust the volume accordingly. There will be a brief period of silence while you are guided through the method. Play the file all the way through to the end.


Witness Consciousness Centering is a proprietary approach to making the restless mind quiet that has been developed by our Founder, Kedar. This approach has been proved to make the restless mind silent in under 3 minutes (see our vital statistics on this page).

Witness Consciousness is what we refer to as the state of the Observer or Watcher. It is the direct experience of witnessing awareness, a spiritual awareness in which you are able to watch your thoughts, emotions, notions, etc. come and go passively, without judgment and without any reaction or response that allows for agitation of the mind.

Witnessing awareness takes you beyond the mind and beyond the senses to a state in which you are able to observe that source from which all thoughts arise, are sustained and withdrawn. The practice of Witness Consciousness Centering allows you to watch your mind.

The purpose of practicing Witness Consciousness Centering is to begin to make the restless mind quiet, to silence the mind’s agitation, in order to experience that state in which Peace and Joy well up spontaneously from within. We accomplish this in an approach that most people experience the state of meditation, with little or no thoughts, in under three minutes!

From this Palace of Peace, you are able to meditate spontaneously, and in a way that begins to silence your mind very quickly. Witness Consciousness Centering is taught in various programs of our offering.

Here at the Bhakta School of Transformation our purpose is to lead others in becoming established in the experience of Inner Peace that provides a new dimension of strength that enriches all of life. This foundational premise threads through each and every one of our program offerings that is backed by documented testimonials that convey our success.