Well-Being Crisis-1

Bhakta School Founder and Staff Share New Evidence On Covid-19


  • Footage of doctors, some of whom are virologists, pathologists and E.R. doctors, describing their experience of Covid-19 patients and why the cases are mild for the majority of patients.
  • Footage of doctors being interviewed, stating how federal and state boards of health are encouraging and, in some cases, dictating to doctors how they should falsify death certificates to indicate death by Covid-19 – this is why we are seeing high and misrepresented numbers of deaths by the virus here in the U.S. on which policy decisions, including state-wide lock downs are being made.
  • Information on why Covid-19 is not a death sentence or even a serious health threat for the majority of people who are healthy and have healthy immune systems.
  • Information about and from people who have been infected and quickly recovered, and how.Questions posed by people in our community that our founder answers, based on our contact with doctors, researchers and epidemiologists on the ground.


  • Information about the planned, world-wide Covid-19 vaccination agenda that indemnifies vaccine manufacturers and does not require transparent public safety testing to ensure the vaccines are safe. This information includes the presentation of conflicts of interest that make the planning itself suspect.
  • Information about the ‘digital certificates’ that Bill Gates has been hired to manufacture so that people who refuse having the vaccine forced on them will have less rights than those who have been vaccinated and less freedom of movement.
  • Information about bills pending in our Congress that, if passed will limit our civil liberties/rights even further, connected to the possibility of future outbreaks.