The Maharudra Awakening

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“My pain disappeared.”

“I came in with my mind very busy and feeling very agitated and it’s all gone now. I feel light and it calmed my emotions – really freeing.”

“I feel great, completely rejuvenated. My fibromyalgia pain is completely gone. I feel light and really Blissful.”

“My entire body feels refreshed and invigorated. My mind is so calm and I feel great.”

“It cleared my sinuses! I’ve never been able to breath this well.”

“I’ve had several, serious surgeries and suffer from a medical complication that, until now, has negatively impacted my entire life. After having been taught The Maharudra Awakening, I practice it vigilantly 15 minutes every day. The benefit is priceless. I have far less symptoms, my health has improved dramatically, and the daily pain is gone! I feel completely invigorated in just 15 minutes of this practice, and that energy lasts throughout my day.”
~ Albert S.

“The Maharudra Awakening is a wonderful way to begin every day. After learning it at a weekend Shaktipat Blessing retreat, I incorporated it into my daily practice…and the cup of coffee that I had ordinarily taken to awake each morning was soon replaced by this rejuvenating approach to the ancient healing power of Prana! Over time, cumulatively, I have particularly noticed a decrease in how frequently I have experienced sinus congestion and related issues. What a gift to be able to breathe so freely, so expansively, and to feel so calm, peaceful, refreshed and uplifted after just 15 minutes!”
~ Kambra M.

“I let the stress of life get to me and it really effects my physical health. I get easily fatigued, have digestion issues, have periods where I just don’t feel well, and am on the verge of a cold most of the winter. Feeling run down gives me more stress. I’ve tried many things to relieve this stress with no lasting results. Immediately after the first time I practiced The Maharudra Awakening, I felt calm, a sense of balance and peace, yet energized. I was happy. This feeling lasted all day. Continuing to practice it has helped to keep my stress level in check. This has been very beneficial to my physical health and wellbeing. This is the first year where I have not been sick with the flu or a cold. I attribute that to my level of calm, peace and healing, from practicing The Maharudra Awakening. In fact, not feeling well has been replaced with increased energy and peace. I look forward to starting my day with the fresh, vital energy provided by this powerful, effective practice.”
~ Deana T.

DISCLAIMER: The Maharudra Awakening is a safe and effective technique for most people. Although this is the case, it may not be sufficient intervention for health related issues or concerns. Because MA may accelerate healing, please work closely with your physician to monitor your need for medical attention. Information contained in this web page is not given or intended to be a substitute or replacement for qualified medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The owner(s), developer(s), and maintainer(s) are not engaged in rendering medical advice of any kind.