The Arc.

Why Is Being In the Moment So Relevant To A Life Well-Lived?

Happiness is a quiet mind. From a state of calm and content you can quickly become the master architect of your life – with the right tools and practice.

A restless mind only breeds confusion, anxiety, doubt, worry and fear. Nothing useful or productive has ever come from these. Therefore, a restless, agitated mind cannot be a source of inspiration, clarity, clear-thinking, good decision-making or well-being.

What if the understandings you embrace to navigate through your life were based on your direct experience of inner peace, that sacred space beyond your mind, beyond your senses that embodies Happiness, Joy and the Inner Strength necessary to take on life’s challenges?

Statistically, we find that most people are not aware of the connection between understandings, feelings or emotions and what they attract into their lives. For most, this arc is functioning just underneath the level of their consciousness awareness. In fact, most people spend the majority of their thinking, day-to-day, focused on the future and/or the past. We find that this is due to people’s inability to be present in the moment, the inability to seize the power of being present in the moment – because, to do so, your mind must be free of agitation, quiet.

Our research shows that, from moment-to-moment, from day-to-day, how you feel, the emotions you reach for or find yourself immersed in, are a result of the understandings you hold. Understandings always dictate feelings. So, if you want to change the way you feel, you need to change the understandings you hold, moment-to-moment. This is a matter of what you reach for. The bottom line is that understandings always dictate feelings, and how you feel determines how you are vibrating – what you are putting out or how you are coming across to others.

Our research also shows that most people are not able to reach for the most useful understandings in the moment because they are in the habit of reacting, rather than really listening and then taking their time to respond from a space of peace and content, rather than agitation, anxiety and restlessness.

Most importantly, our research shows that those who are calm and completely aware of the importance of reaching for the most useful understandings have complete power over their thinking and emotions and, as a result, command more respect and support. They also lead better, happier lives, as a result – stress and worry-free.