Learn the Secret to Lasting Well-Being and Vibrant Health

Do You Struggle With Lack of Well-Being and Chronic Health Conditions?
Are You Concerned
About Declining Health As You Age?

Learn how everyday people like you are using natural healing and holistic lifestyle medicine to attain holistic well-being and vibrant health without medications, extended doctors visits and costly surgeries.

Give Us 6 Hours and We’ll Show You How to Stay Off the Medical Treadmill and Age Gracefully!
1 WEEK, THREE, 2-HOUR SESSIONS – LIVE – January 25, 26 and 27 – 2021 at 7pm, EST


Online Course – One Week of Live Webinars

Learn the secret to lasting well-being and vibrant health. Get off the medical treadmill and stay off the medical treadmill.

Get well and stay well with a powerful holistic healing approach used by the top evidence-based researchers, well-being coaches and health practitioners.


  • The Ecology of Well-Being
  • The 4 Pillars of Total Well-Being.
  • Cellular Health – If You Don’t Fix the Cell, You’ll Never Get Well.
  • What Is Lifestyle Medicine?
  • Holistic Nutrition – How to Eat For Cellular Health – the Foods That You Should Stay Away From To Avoid Illness.
  • What Is a Toxic Intervention? – the Short-term and Long-term Impact of Toxic Interventions On Your Cells Vs. Holistic, Non-toxic approaches.
  • The Dangers of Vaccines and Pharmaceutical Medications That You May Not Be Aware Of.
  • How to Assess Your Relationship With Your Doctor.

January 25, 26 and 27 – 2021 at 7pm, EST

Cost: – $49, USD

Your enrollment includes the following bonuses:

  • MP3 downloads of each session, Free.
  • Our Coronavirus Handbook – The Coronavirus Era – What You Need To Know Now and How to Prepare For What’s Coming Next, Free.
  • 1, free private consultation with one of our certified Ecology of Well-Being practitioners.
  • $25 discount credit toward our 90-day Total Well-Being Challenge.


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Deana Tareshawty

Dr. Robert Breakey