Learn How To Conquer Fear Now – Whole Life Transformation Kit

How To Be Fearless, Happy and Resilient In The Age of Noise and Distractions.

Can Fear Be Eliminated?
Learn How To Conquer Fear Now.

Meditate With Me Now
Simple Method to Calm the Restless Mind – Conquer Fear

If we contemplate ourselves and this fantasmagorical existence here that we call Earth or world, within the love and peace of the heart we can see that we are not demons, sinners, small or ordinary. We can see that we are not men, women or gods either. We are simply perfection in the expression of That – the highest power – what we refer to as The Spiritual Power – the energy substratum of everything and everyone.

The permanent realization of this makes one fearless. Our promise to you with this course offering is that you will be taught proved, time-honored methods for this recognition and ongoing experience in your daily, mundane life that, if applied in following the instruction given will make you fearless. We know this will happen for you. How? Because it’s happened for so many others who have followed the instruction and used the methods you will learn in this course.

So, why not you?

You are so much greater than you think you are. In the direct experience of your Oneness with The Spiritual Power, you can attain an improved mental state, increased emotional resilience and vibrant health beyond your expectations. As the methods to fearlessness taught in this course grow in you and your application of them to daily life, you will, spontaneously, surrender the idea of diversity to complete unity and equality that gives the experience of indescribable Joy. Where there is Joy, there is Peace. Where there is Peace, there is Love. When these expand in your being, fear flees.

Your mind becomes sharper, with greater mental clarity and mental energy. In this state of fearlessness, you are inspired to seek and embrace the lifestyle changes that will support your vibrant health and well-being. Therefore, fear is no longer an option!

12 Lessons in all. Online Study – Video Access On Our Private Members Site:

  • 4 lessons presented as a home study course accessed online with more than 10 hours of video lessons and experience shares.
  • Guided study with homework assignments.
  • Group, live webinar Q&A and discussion/sharing sessions led by staff teachers.

Followed by: 8 lessons presented live in the completion of the course on Thursday, October 8th, 2020, 7-10pm, EST, webcast live for those who don’t live in the region.


  1. Can fear be eradicated completely?
  2. What is living in a state of fear? Examining all the ways that fear causes stress and destroys well-being, including how fear downgrades optimal cell respiration that leads to chronic health conditions and disease.
  3. Can recognition of a higher power, an energy substratum of every thing eradicate fear permanently?
  4. Steps you can take right now to eradicate fear by improving your mental state.
  5. Can attaining a state of emotional resilience eradicate fear?
  6. Can a lifestyle change for better health and the healing of chronic health conditions help to eradicate fear?
  7. What is the Arc and why is it important for becoming fearless?
  8. What is Superimposition and its connection to fear?
  9. Can Mantra Yoga help to eliminate your fears permanently?
  10. The science of meditation and chanting for eliminating fears?
  11. Selfless service and the fear connection.
  12. What role does the company you keep play in rooting out fear?
  13. How to address your ‘inner demons,’ the karmic baggage that is the foundation for your fears.


Online Study with Retreat Accommodations and Meals: $749, 20% discount to $599 per person.

Online Study with Retreat Accommodations, No Meals: $639, 20% discount to $511 per person.

Online Study with Live Retreat Webcast: $549, 20% discount to $439 per person.


When does the course start?
You get full access  to all videos in the home study portion at our private member’s site, immediately upon enrolling. You will receive a user ID and password and a link to the site, by email, with all the details you need to log into your member’s area. You have access to the video home study modules 24/7, for a month after the live, culmination of course event.

What are the homework assignments?
There is a questionnaire in lesson one of the home study portion of the course that you will be asked to complete and email to us. The purpose of the questionnaire is to get you contemplating the points and instruction offered in the lesson.

When are the group, live webinar discussions scheduled and how many are there?
In addition, the first three home study lessons include live webinar group discussions of the lessons that are led by one of The Bhakta School teaching staff. These webinars will be scheduled in September 2020 and you will receive links and times via email to join them online. The purpose of these webinars is for you to share your experiences of beginning to apply what is taught in the lessons, to get any questions you have answered and to get additional support in the application of the methods taught.

How do I attend the live webcast on October 8th?
You will receive an email notification with the steps you need to take if you will be attending the retreat via live webcast.

What is the refund policy?
You can receive a full refund within one week of your purchase, before you log into your member’s area for the first time. Once you have logged into your member’s area there are no refunds or exchanges.