Strength, Joy, Peace and Well-Being

Strength, Joy, Peace and Well-Being

Bhakta School Home Study Membership Package

Get off the medical treadmill and stay off the medical treadmill. Make medical interventions your last resort, rather than your first go to.

Each month you get uplifting, practical and effective methods and flexible approaches that support you in securing a holistic lifestyle that is nurturing and whole.

Membership in this home study program provides you with the best of our offering in the comfort and convenience of your home/office. Lessons are recorded in video format and are easy to follow. Each lesson is packed with practical ‘how to’ steps, along with links to peer-reviewed reference materials and additional, evidence-based science.

How It Works

  1. 24/7 access to one lesson each month, posted on the first of each month. Lessons are an average of two hours in length. Some lessons are longer. There is a Q&A session scheduled with one of our teaching staff after your completion of each lesson, in order to nurture your progress in applying what is taught in the lessons.
  2. MP3 downloads of each lesson.
  3. Free eBook downloads How to Live Strong and Be Happy and the Say Grace! Vegan/vegetarian cookbook.
  4. 20% off – How To Be Fearless, Happy and Resilient In The Age of Noise and Distractions – Online Course.
  5. 20% off – Learn the secret to lasting well-being and vibrant health. Get off the medical treadmill and stay off the medical treadmill – Live Webinar.
  6. Subscription to our eNewsletter with program updates.


$205 one annual payment – renews annually. Or $20/month, month-to-month. Cancel at any time.

Lessons are integrated in a step-by-step approach to graduated learning with space to apply what is taught right away.



  • How to Apply Kedarji’s 4 Pillars of Total Well-Being to Your Daily Life.
  • How to Make Holistic Lifestyle Changes for Well-Being and Vibrant Health In Secure Stages.
  • Eating to Nurture Your Cells.
  • How to Tell If You Are Suffering From Insulin Resistance – the Gateway Disease. How to Prevent It and How to Heal From It.
  • How to Prevent and Heal Diabetes, Holistically.
  • How to Prevent and Heal Obesity In Less Than 6 Months.
  • How to Lose Weight Easily and Safely and Keep the Weight Off.
  • How to Quit Your Sugar Habit for Good.
  • The Dark Side of Vaccines. Everything You Need to Know to Make An Informed Decision.
  • Are You Suffering From Metabolic Syndrome? How to Recognize and Heal Metabolic Syndrome, Holistically.
  • Exercise for Lean Muscle and Vibrant Health.
  • All About Fasting for Vibrant Health.
  • How to Heal With Herbs.
  • Easy Weight Loss With Herbs.
  • All About Food Toxins and How to Avoid Them.
  • All About Environmental Toxins and How to Protect Yourself From Them.
  • Lifestyle Changes You Can Make to Age Gracefully and Well.


First 12 Months Lesson Plan

MONTH 1: Introduction to Kedarji’s Ecology of Well-Being and his 4 Pillar of Total Well-Being; The Spiritual Power, Improved Mental State, Emotional Resilience and Vibrant Health, plus an examination of Pillars 1 and 2.

MONTH 2: Pillar 2 – How To Improve Your Mental State With Mantra Yoga.

MONTH 3: Pillar 2 – How To Improve Your Mental State With the Practice of Contemplation.

MONTH 4: Pillar 2 – How To Improve Your Mental State With the Practice of Meditation & Chanting.

MONTH 5: Pillar 3 – How to Increase Emotional Resilience.

MONTH 6: Pillar 3 – Emotional Resilience – The Principle of The Arc.

MONTH 7: Pillar 3 – Emotional Resilience – The Practice of The Arc.

MONTH 8: Pillars 3 and 4 – How Fear Impacts Your Cells.

MONTH 9: Pillar 4 – Cell Basics, If You Don’t Fix the Cell, You’ll Never Get Well and Stay Well.

MONTH 10: Pillar 4 – All Chronic Health Conditions and Disease Have Poor Nutrition and Exposure to Toxins As Their Root Cause.

MONTH 11: Pillar 4 – Introduction to Holistic Nutrition.

MONTH 12: Pillar 4 – What Is Insulin Resistance and How Do You Know That You Have It?