Game of Joy

Wouldn’t you like to lead a lifestyle of spiritual happiness and vibrant health? Learn ways to attain this lifestyle, without having to struggle and practice at it for years!

Welcome to our beta test of a unique meditation app. that combines the fun of playing a game with rewards for winning points to receive valuable gifts that will further your spiritual growth and total well-being, based on our 4 pillars of Total Well-Being.

  • Spiritual Power
  • Improved Mental State
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Vibrant Health of The Physical Body

Play On Your Cell Phone, Lap Top or Desk Top!

Online/Cell Phone Meditation Game App.

We are developing an online/cell phone app. to help conscious spirituality and wellness seekers obtain tools and methods for total well-being, while enjoying a fun, simple online game experience.

We are beta testing this app., here at this website, in order to further develop several levels of play for the game, to be released at the end of the beta test period.

Please enter to win now by enjoying a round of play!

Each round of play takes less than a minute!

You get 3 chances to win (takes a total of 2.5 minutes)

And, you get a reward even if you don’t win a prize, as our way of saying Thank You for taking the time to play.

Win Free Gifts In Less Than 5 Minutes!

Just for taking a spin and answering 5 questions on our survey, we will give you one of our popular kirtan chants as an MP3 download. Yours to keep!

You can win additional gifts in 2 ways:

  • Earn 7-10 Bliss coins in one play, you get 1 free MP3 download of one of our proved, meditation methods with guided steps to practice it.
  • Earn 12-15 Bliss coins in one play, you get 1 free MP3 download of a talk with methods for spiritual living and total well-being.

How to play. Read the following steps or listen to the audio instruction.

  1. Click the ‘Play Now’ link at the bottom of this page. You will be automatically taken to the game play page.
  2. Once there, hit the ‘Play Now’ button and the game will begin.
  3. You will see an image of a head. Dots will begin to quickly appear inside the head, as a voice speaks a thought associated with each dot. Your objective is to silence the mind by clicking on the moving dot with your mouse, to stop the thought before the dot disappears.
  4. Dots will appear at any place inside the head and move about randomly.
  5. Each thought you successfully stop by clicking on it with your mouse, will be recorded in a box to the right, along with the number of thoughts remaining in the play session, and total Bliss coins earned.
  6. At the end of play, you will be prompted, with a click of your mouse, to collect your earned, free gifts.

That’s it!

Audio Instructions

Don’t want to read? Listen to the audio instructions below for how to play.

Collect Your Free Gifts!

Once you hit either of the two reward levels, your play will automatically end and you will be taken to your rewards page to collect your free gifts, even if you have not exhausted 3 tries.

If you have exhausted your 3 tries and still have not won a reward, you will automatically be taken to the page to collect your free gift for playing.