Beauty Through The Arts

Arts & Beauty
In The Heart of A Higher Power


Beauty has the power to direct the mind inward to that place of Peace. Beauty helps us to honor the sacred in everything and everyone, in everyday life. When we are moved by beauty we are touched in a way that brings us into the present moment more fully. It’s when we’re in the present moment that the mind can become quiet enough to experience Peace.


Since we are an organization dedicated to lasting inner Peace, our duty is to encourage artists to express their artistic creativity and vision in such a way that others can experience Peace and the Joy of the Heart from their artistic offering. It is our view that, in addition to merely entertaining, the present task of Art is to invoke the feeling of Unity and Love within our own being and that of others. To invoke this feeling to the degree that it becomes the customary feeling, even the instinct of all human beings, is the responsibility that we hold dear here.

Performing and creative artists have an inherent gift that, with the right training and mastery, enables them to lift people out of their daily mundane experience to feel an expanded state of being. In this way, artists have the ability to give people an experience that is larger than life — to freeze a moment in time so that people experience that moment like no other moment in time.

When expressed with this intention and mastery, Art can take us beyond our limitations. This is what the creative artist has the power to do. It is our intention to offer programs that combine the performing arts of music, dance and story-telling in an environment of inspirational song, poetry and kirtan, and in a way that gives the public more than just a glimpse of the power that the Arts have in taking us to that place of Peace.

It is on this premise that Arts & Beauty In The Heart of A Higher Power is founded. 

If you are a creative artist and the information on this page inspires you, contact us for more information about how you can get involved.