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It is time for us to enter into the uncomfortable dialogue that will empower us to choose truth over convenience. There is no other way forward and through the present crisis. And there are many uncomfortable truths that must now be faced in order for us to live in a society where there is health freedom and informed consent for all.

For this to happen, it is imperative that the public hear and understand ALL sides of the argument, as well as, the science and data on what has been labeled the “Covid-19 Pandemic,” in order to make informed decisions based on our human and constitutional rights and civil liberties.

We began our research into the SARS-COV2 Coronavirus in order to better understand what we would need to do to protect ourselves from becoming infected, along with steps we might need to take if we do. It was during this process that we uncovered glaring discrepancies in the reporting on the virus, the testing and efficacy of tests, the reporting on the origins of the virus and what we are being told about the virus itself.

So, we decided to form a research team to vet the scientific data, medical information and the facts about SARS-COV2 and the history of Coronaviruses. In this process, we discovered some very disturbing facts about how and why the current crisis is being promoted as a pandemic. This page is dedicated to offering you information that you can use and further vet, to make informed decisions regarding your health/well-being and your constitutional rights and civil liberties during this crisis.

No Political Affiliation or Endorsement

By offering these resources, we do not endorse, support nor are we affiliated with any political party. It is because Covid-19 has become politicized that many people are unwilling to even look at, yet alone embrace the science and the facts surrounding the outbreak. This is why we make this offering.

We Are Not Doctors

Our staff is not comprised of doctors and we do not diagnose and treat. Instead, we help people discover and understand the root cause of their dis-ease so that they can address that root cause, rather that just putting a bandaid on the symptoms.

We work with doctors and other medical professionals who we get scientific data and research studies from. We are also in touch with many doctors who are treating patients infected with SARS-COV2. In this regard, we can tell you that the best prevention against viral infection of any kind is a strong immune system that is not tampered with by toxic pharmaceutical interventions.

Viral infections should be taken seriously. If you believe you have been infected with SARS-COV2, work with your doctor or other health care provider to decide on a course of action, as this resource center is not designed to offer any kind of treatment options for infection.

Informed Consent

During times of crisis and emergency Constitutional rights do not stop being important. They become even more important.


In any public health crisis, such crisis must be addressed in a way that does not violate the informed consent of the individual or every person’s right to freely choose what goes into or on his/her body. It is entirely possible to achieve both protections simultaneously.

In any such health crisis, there must not be mandates that come between the doctor/health/well-being practitioner and the patient/client where a person’s evaluation of health and health decisions are concerned. The government must not interfere with this relationship in any way, even during such a crisis. Decisions regarding the individual’s well-being and health is between that person and his/her chosen practitioner, not between the individual and government.

Your Rights

A person’s God-given rights, protected by the Constitution, to choose whatever form or approach to well-being and health care must never be violated. This includes the right to choose alternative, natural/holistic approaches to securing both short and long-term well-being and vibrant health that is not focused on toxic medical interventions.

On this page you will find updated resources relevant to freedom of health choice, based on informed consent in the Coronavirus Era we are now in. The SARS-COV2 outbreak, now called the Covid-19 Pandemic, has raised many concerns about the enforcement of lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, track and trace measures (and immanent bills being considered by Congress for same), violations of privacy and personal liberty, and the erosion of health informed consent and human rights.

We Are Losing Our Freedom of Speech In Violation of the First Amendment

To date, online news networks and information providers such as The High Wire, Informed Consent Action Network, and The Truth About Vaccines among others, have been censored on Google, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram (owned by Facebook) after interviewing top doctors, researchers and CDC whistleblowers revealing truths about Covid-19 that you need to hear, that mainstream media and our government is not telling us. Each of the companies engaged in censorship receives major financing from Vaccine manufacturers and Big Pharma. It has become clear that they are censuring the truth to protect their economic interests in relationship to Big Pharma.

This policy of censorship is not only a violation of our Constitutional rights but an extreme threat to public health and our right to informed consent. **We regret that some links posted here may be disabled due to censorship. If you find this to be the case when you click on a link, contact us and we will make eery effort to find a new link, if the provide has moved to a new platform.

Is SARS-COV2 the Source of the Current Infections and Deaths?

The answer is we don’t now because there is no toxicological testing and evidence that shows that Coronavirus SARS-COV2 is the cause of the pandemic.

To date, neither the host for the outbreak nor the viral pathogen for SARS-COV2 has been properly isolated using the gold standard for virology, Koch’s postulate. Under this postulate, the pathogen must be present in every case of the disease. The pathogen must be removed from the host (animal or human) and purified of all other molecules and contaminants that may have bonded with the pathogen, and then cultured. After this purification process, the pathogen then has to be injected into a healthy animal or human, to observe whether or not the symptoms being diagnosed in the outbreak have been replicated by doing so. Then, if symptoms are equal to that of the outbreak, the pathogen then has to be removed from the subject and re-purified. Only then do you have a basis for making an accurate test for the virus.

Testing for What?

Until the intact pathogen has been purified and tested, as stated above, there is no way of knowing if any infections or deaths are due to SARS-COV2. Therefore, any tests developed without the pathogen having been isolated from the host are ineffective and invalid.

For the sake of public health, our government should be engaged in isolating, purifying and testing the pathogen in order to determine whether or not the present, public health crisis is due to SARS-VOC2, another Coronavirus, some combination of Coronaviruses or some other virus altogether.

What Is the Threat? Do We Know?

Until such time as this is properly undertaken by competent toxicology teams with no conflicts of interest connected to Big Pharma and the sale of vaccines and related tests, we will not know the degree of the present threat, nor its origin.

Mandates designed to curtail and control the outbreak of a virus that has not been properly identified are useless, immoral, illegal and ineffective at addressing the public health.

Definition of Koch’s postulate –

To further understand the above,view this excellent interview of Dr. Andrew Kaufman, explaining in simple, understandable terms, why we can’t possibly be in the midst of a pandemic of a viral infection when the virus has never been properly identified and examined.


























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scanning electron microscopy – only way to determine that a virus and its genome are present.


During times of crisis and emergency Constitutional rights do not stop being important. They become even more important.


HR 6666 – a bill introduced into Congress on May 1, 2020 that, if passed, will provide for broad, sweeping track and trace measures for Covid-19 that many feel violates our constitutional rights and civil liberties. Read the entire bill here.

The Washington Times article about the bill.

Petition To Protest HR 6666 – a number of petitions have been formed in protest to this bill. You can view the petition to the White House against this bill here.

HR 6800 – the Heroes Act, a bill introduced into Congress that was passed on May 15th, 2020 with provisions from HR 6666 rolled into it. Many feel provisions of this bill violate our constitutional rights and civil liberties. Read the entire bill here.

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