Our Approach

Meditation and Chanting, Holistic Well-Being,
Beauty Through the Arts.


Thousands around the world are experiencing better health, calm, less anxiety and increased well-being through Meditation. There is a growing body of research and evidence supporting the benefits of meditation.

Inside you there is an ocean of happiness. To become established in that ocean, to swim in it, that is Meditation.

The experience of Meditation is a deep rest that is beyond what you experience in sleep. Meditation is actually your natural, free state. By turning the mind within, over and over again, you can experience a boundless inner peace that will begin to transform your life and the lives of others.

Chanting is a very effective, ancient practice for stilling the mind by combining sound and the joy of song with mantra (sound vibrations). When practiced regularly, chanting causes the mind to become content with being quiet, a necessity for meditation. The approach of chanting is incorporated into all of our meditation programs, as well.

Holistic Well-Being

The body is the temple in which your peace and joy reside. For this reason, Holistic Well-Being, an approach that revitalizes your physical and emotional health, makes for whole life transformation. This approach aligns healthy eating with healthy living in a way that makes it easier for you to love and embrace a lasting inner peace. And it’s good for you!

Beauty Through The Arts

Beauty is an aid in making the mind quiet. In that experience of contentment there is the experience of peace. Beauty through the Arts that embraces a higher power can take you to that place of peace within your own being. The experience of beauty through the Arts elevates consciousness to a level where you naturally want to experience the higher power of this inner peace vibrating inside yourself.