Bhakta School Success


Here at the Bhakta School of Transformation our purpose is to lead others in becoming established in the experience of Inner Peace that provides a new dimension of inner strength and life-changing skills that enriches all of life. This foundational premise threads through each and every one of our program offerings that is backed by documented testimonials that convey our success.

There are two main curriculum paths offered here in our school; Total Well-Being & Wellness, Methods for being led in the experience of permanent spiritual transformation. In addition to reviewing this website, you can contact us if you want more information about either.

Statistics Prove Effectiveness
of Bhakta School Approach

In blind surveys and case studies conducted over the last 5 years in Northwest PA and Ohio, our program offering has been proved to deliver results beyond the expectations of our students.

Our Total Well-Being Events combine the power of Kirtan with Witness Consciousness Centering and life-changing skills for mastering your life.

Vital Statistics

For every Total Well-Being Event, when surveyed at the end of the event, participants are asked, “Do you feel more calm and at peace, with a quieter mind now, as compared to when you first came in the door?” 100% of those surveyed answered YES.

For these same events, in blind surveys, 2 out of every 3 people report that:

  • While being led in the Witness Consciousness Centering techniques, they experienced a profound sense of Peace and a silent mind, in under 3 minutes.
  • As a result of their attendance at these events, they experience that they are more confident that they can access the inner strength necessary to take on life’s challenges.
  • Their sense of content and happiness increased in the 90-minutes that they attended the event.
  • They experienced a state that they recognized to be beyond the mind, the senses and the emotions.
  • The Kirtan opened their hearts and freed them from contracting emotions and restless thoughts.

In case studies and followup surveys within one year of students participating in our programs, 91% of all students report:

  • Significant increase in their ability to change their circumstances for the better.
  • Overall improvements in all their intimate relationships and friendships.
  • A steady increase in their experience of inner peace and a steady, focused, quiet mind.
  • Increased mental capacity and better decision-making.
  • A steady increase in their spiritual power that allows them to overcome any obstacle while remaining happy.