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On this page you will find description and links to each of our current, online offerings, including how to join our community from wherever you are in the world.

Our Wholistic Well-Being Challenge
Home Study + Live Webinars + Private Sessions.

See How Easily You Can Turn Your Health and Well-Being Around With Our Approach, In Just 90 Days. Attain a disease-free body, calm mind and emotional resilience that you can be overjoyed about. Like so many others who take this Challenge, you can get off the medical treadmill and stay off the medical treadmill!


Join Our Well-Being Community

To get the most out of our offering, while supporting our work, please consider joining our online well-being community. When you join, you get access to incredibly useful benefits with 24/7 online access to content, monthly virtual meetings with experts in the field, all as part of a monthly subscription that amounts to about 66 cents per day!


The Conquer Your Fears Online Retreat
A Spiritual Retreat
For Those Who Want to Become Fearless

SEVEN AND TEN! We have assembled 7 of the world’s great spiritual leaders and holistic/well-being practitioners. In 13 hours and 10 lessons, they will teach you methods for increasing your courage and expanding your inner strength to take on your life’s challenges with a smile on your face – so that you can become fearless.